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Freethinkers... let's do it!

Mr. Phil & I love to create things. We take old things and try really hard to make them beautiful. Most of the time, our new adventures start out with an old building. The old building comes first and then the idea, or use. We fall in love with the history, antique long leaf pine, the warmth.

When we are fortunate enough to come across a true gem, we typically sit on on her for a bit. It's like we need to form a relationship with her. Learn about her history, what she likes and dislikes. Maybe what she needs from us most of all. We bought the Freethinkers building about a year ago. We thought maybe apartments (her original use), or perhaps an AirBNB? No, she needed to be loved and used way more than that. A space that people could make come alive with everyday use and a special kind of care.

I've always wanted to run a retail store. It's been on my bucket list forever. I've never worked retail, not even as a teenager. I had no idea where to start, but more on that in another post. This post is about the decision... that, "lets do it" moment and what led to us just pulling the trigger on the idea and make it a reality.

It had been a few years since I was actively involved in a day to day adventure. We have been kind of a wandering generality the last few years. A project here and there, our own house, a rental, etc. Nothing as dominating as a day to day retail store. The last day to day we worked on was Camp Comfort B&B and that was years ago. We needed to be a meaningful specific again. Write our goals on paper and on purpose. It was time.

Mr. Phil & I discussed opening the store for months. Pros, cons, etc. Finally, he asked me on October 16, 2022 what I wanted to do and before I could even think I caught myself telling him that I wanted to open a store. I had no idea what kind of store, no name, no logo, nothing. He then asked the magic question. When? I immediately replied, "Christmas in Comfort". For those of you not familiar. It's a big deal here in Comfort. It's always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's a fun filled day with booths, vendors, and a lighted night time parade. AND it was only 6 weeks away! 😳

There! Decision made!! I promise to tell you more soon.



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