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About Us

Welcome to Freethinkers General Store!


At Freethinkers General Store, we are driven by a passion for design and a commitment to offering a complete curated selection of goods. We believe that every item in our store should embody the spirit of creativity, uniqueness, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Our founder and owner, Lisa Jenkins, is the visionary behind Freethinkers General Store. With a keen eye for design and a creative spirit that knows no bounds, Lisa brings her expertise and love for all things beautiful to every aspect of the store.


Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and travels, Lisa carefully curates our collection, ensuring that each item reflects her discerning taste and commitment to quality. From clothing and accessories to beauty products, paper goods, and gifts, every piece in our store has been thoughtfully selected to captivate and inspire.


At Freethinkers General Store, we celebrate individuality and embrace the power of design to transform lives. We believe that style is an expression of one's inner self, and our mission is to provide a space where individuals can discover their unique voice through carefully crafted and chosen products.


Lisa's dedication to design excellence is evident in every corner of our store. As you explore our carefully gathered selection, you'll find a harmonious blend of timeless classics and contemporary treasures that will awaken your senses and ignite your imagination.


But Freethinkers General Store is more than just a shopping destination. It's a place where creativity thrives, where connections are made, and where inspiration abounds. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guide and assist you, ensuring that your shopping experience is not only enjoyable but also transformative.


We invite you to step into our world of design and embrace the possibilities that await you at Freethinkers General Store. Whether you're searching for the perfect statement piece to elevate your personal style or seeking a unique gift for a loved one, we are here to help you discover and celebrate the beauty of design.


Thank you for joining us on this design journey. We invite you to explore our store, immerse yourself in our carefully curated selection, and experience the magic that happens when design and creativity collide.


Welcome to Freethinkers General Store, where design knows no boundaries and inspiration is always within reach.

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